Our Fees

Our Fees

Our fees are mainly agreed or fixed, however, where billed by the hour, it is calculated using an hourly rate, which is set according to our fee earners’ knowledge and experience.

Our fixed price service provides certainty of costs throughout the application or appeal. We will undertake whatever work is required to give your application/appeal the best chance of success. If more work is required, we will not ask you for more money. Our fixed prices are competitive and will save you money in the long run.

Our fixed fees do not include Home Office or Tribunal fees and fees for third-party assistance such as interpreters and independent experts.

Our current hourly rates range from £100 to £250, but we are happy to discuss our fees directly with you to give a closer estimate of the likely costs bearing in mind your individual circumstances, including the level and complexity of your case as well as the level of service that you require.

We have set out below more information on some of the mainstream applications that we undertake. The guide price range envisages us providing an office-based service and excludes in-person attendance at Home Office premium appointments or interviews. We are happy to discuss in greater detail the steps likely to be taken, and timescales, or to provide a bespoke quote.

We are transparent about our fees and will give our best estimate at the outset and throughout the case so that you can remain in control of the funding. In some instances. In most cases, we can agree on a fixed fee.

We do not currently offer no win/ no charge arrangements or other contingency fees or damage-based arrangements.

Where VAT is chargeable (general persons with lawful residence) this is charged at 20%

One-Off Immigration Consultation

Immigration law can be complicated. For those considering an application, the rules and regulations are often confusing and bewildering. If you wish to formalise your status in the UK or are unsure about the steps you need to take in a case you are involved in, it is crucial to make the correct application at the right time.

Our goal is to ensure that any application you make proceeds smoothly. Clients who take advantage of our one-off consultation benefit from the following:

  • One-to-one advice from an experienced adviser
  • An assessment of your personal situation
  • Identification of possible solutions
  • Advice on the steps you should take
  • An estimate of the cost to you of resolving your case
  • Guidance on the time frames involved in resolving your immigration case