BWF Solicitors was conceived by people who wanted to do things differently. Although the practice is young, the people who manage it are Lawyers who brought many years of experience in both legal and administrative disciplines. Our success can be found in the interest we take in our clients cases.

As a result of our size, we are able to provide a very close and personal touch to all our cases. We have a long list of satisfied clients because of the “human face” our clients experience from the time of their instructions to its execution. Our dedication to friendly, professional service and reasonable fees is second to none. We know that sorting out legal issues can be difficult. That’s why our lawyers explain everything using clear, jargon – free language. Sometimes, within our specialist field, there can be language barriers. This is something that can be quite hard to overcome, but here at BWF Solicitors we have other language speaking lawyers, making the whole process that little bit easier for you. Our lawyers speak a variety of languages and are familiar with international jurisdictions particularly African countries. Our awareness of and respect for cultural differences support our ability to manage the challenges of doing business in the global community.

We co-ordinate multifaceted teams in negotiation, dispute resolution and litigation. Our clients can expect our lawyers to be responsive, attentive and flexible, and to communicate on a regular basis and in understandable terms. This approach manifests itself in many ways, from ensuring that your instructions are undertaken Effectively and Promptly, with Care and Reliability.

We take a proactive approach in respect of work undertaken on behalf of both private and business clients. We listen to our clients concerns, manage thier expectations by guiding them through what is achievable and realistic. At BWF Solicitors we are absolutely committed to the delivery of specialised, experienced, and high quality legal representation to anyone who finds themselves engaged in any form of litigation. If you need a solicitor in the UK, you can be assured that representation by BWF Solicitors will guarantee you experienced, passionate and caring legal counsel. Client care is our number one focus at BWF Solicitors. We understand the sensitive nature of all the matters we advise on and handle. Everything you say to us and our advice to you will be in total confidence.

We believe in working in partnership with all our clients, taking time to listen, being easily accessible and appreciating your particular needs and issues. In this way, we can give the right advice in order to achieve the best results. Any document that you entrust to our keeping will be stored in a secure and confidential way. Under no circumstances would anyone at BWF Solicitors be authorised to reveal or pass on your personal details to another individual or organisation, except in connection with the matter upon which we are acting for you.

Our Senior Partner an Accredited Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law, a Family Law Accredited Specialist, which means he has in-depth legal knowledge, is capable of dealing with clients in a skilful, considerate way. He also meets the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s strict requirements in dealing with complex, grueling issues like:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Division of Family Assets
  • Co-habitation
  • Maintenance
  • Family Disputes
  • Immigration and Asylum